What would happen if people all across the nation

prayed for 5 minutes 5 days a week

at 5pm for the unborn?

Let's find out.


Here's how it works:


It's starts when you subscribe

Those who wish to participate subscribe to receive prayer requests specific to the battle against abortion and the preservation of innocent life.  Each Monday, texts messages and emails are sent out with links to prayer requests for every state that has joined the Pray Five At Five Prayer Initiative.


Receive Focused Prayer Requests 

These prayer requests are provided by those on the front lines in the battle for the lives of unborn children.We receive prayer requests from directors of local pro life organizations as well as local and national politicians dedicated to fighting for the rights of the unborn. In addition to specific topic-centered requests are general prayer requests for ongoing issues.

Receive Daily Prayer Reminders

Each weekday, subscribers receive a prayer reminder via text message or email, depending on your initial subscription choice.  Pray Five At Five is a simple yet effective way for us to join together as a nation and pray for the unborn. 

Join us as we pray for those without a voice.



Pray Five At Five Prayer Initiative has a very specific mission: to bring petitions and prayers to the throne of our Lord that are directly related to saving the lives of the unborn, saving their mothers from a lifetime of regret and ending abortion

We believe that God is capable of more than we can ask or imagine.  Throughout history, God has moved in mighty ways when His children come together in agreement and  pray for His will to be done.We are full of hopeful expectation as we join together to pray for the unborn!