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Prayer Requests for 3/1- 3/5/21:


1. Our Father in heaven, we thank You for all of those praying for an end to abortion with 40 days for life. We ask that this prayer would change us, helping us to see our world and all of humanity with the same compassion with which You see us.


2. Lord Jesus Christ, Your mercy and love for us are new every morning. We ask that with each new day, expectant mothers would trust in Your great faithfulness. We ask that mothers would have confidence in Your ability to sustain this child in the womb and after the child's birth.


3. Our Father in heaven, the announcement of an expected child brings many emotions dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the child's conception. We ask that peace and calm would accompany the announcement of each new child. We ask that mothers and their families would not be afraid to care for each new child and that the gifts brought to each family with a new baby would far outweigh the inconveniences a new baby brings.


4. Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for physicians and others who end the lives of tiny boys and girls through abortion. Through the forgiveness You won on the cross, free them from the shame and guilt which may trap them in justifying the violence they practice. Give them eyes to see a way out of their current practice and bring greater peace as they seek Your will for their lives.


5. Our Father in heaven, You knew of our great sin from the garden. We ask for Your forgiveness in allowing abortion to become commonplace in our world. We ask for bold words and opportunities to speak the truth. We ask that ears would hear and hearts would be turned to care for children rather than to eliminate them. We ask for new ideas that will be effective in confronting this great ev

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