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Prayer Requests for 5/3- 5/7/21:

1. Our Father in heaven, thank You for all of Your creation. Our world speaks loudly to us of the love you have for humanity in making this place for us and in giving us the ability to participate with You in procreation. Remind us of this wonder. By Your Holy Spirit, give us words to describe to unbelievers the miracle of all life. Help us to participate in the preservation of the precious lives developing within the womb. Help us to bring others to understand the wonder of your love for us in creation.


2. Lord Jesus Christ, we don't always use Your gifts for your glory. There are those who have used your gift of life and of mental ability to remove living children from the womb. Lord have mercy on our world. Turn all hearts toward the preservation of human life so that there are more people to glorify Your name on the earth.


3. Our Father in heaven, thank You for the creativity of legislators and those who wrote legislation to preserve life from conception to natural death. Please continue to inspire those who are in positions of authority with ideas that will confound the plans of those who would make life contingent on ability or contribution.


4. Lord Jesus Christ, by Your sacrifice we are redeemed from sin, death, and hell. You came to us while we were lost. Be with us, with sidewalk counselors, with Pro-life workers, with medical professionals who value life, with faithful pastors and all those who seek to end abortion. Please show us how to go to those who are lost in the murderous idolatry of the abortion industry. Redeem these lives for service in your kingdom.


5. Our Father in heaven, we celebrate mothers with a special day in spring. We thank mothers for bringing us to life and caring for us. Lord, please use this day to acknowledge the sacrifice of women who are mothers. Comfort those who have been unable to conceive children or whose children have died. You, who are the author of life, bring healing and redemption to those mothers whose children are dead because of abortion.

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